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GSA presents the first bio fuel conversion device (Flexfuel kit) specifically engineered for Powered Two Wheelers.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2018
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Founders Olivier Barts & Olivier Francini
Headquarters 13100 aix en provence avenue louis philibert
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Green Systems Automotives


Today Global Warming has become a reality. Accounting for 13.41 gigatons of worldwide CO2 emissions in 2016, transport is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gases after energy and electricity production. Road traffic (cars, motorcycles and trucks) accounts for 74% of these harmful emissions. Motorcyclists are also concerned by this subject and must adapt their behaviour. There are more than 150 million motorcycles in the world for more than a billion cars. Their environmental impact is very significant. Green Systems Automotives is proud to present an innovative, connected and integrated Flexfuel conversion device specifically designed and engineered for powered two-wheelers that reduce drastically t their greenhouses gas emissions and therefore make them sustainable. Using our ingenious device will change your motorbike, scooter (or your leisure vehicle such as sea scooter, snowmobile, watercraft, ATVs...) in a real FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle) and allows you to run your vehicle with biofuel Ethanol/E85 which is clean-burning and substantially reduces CO and CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuel. Also, our device is not just a simple Flex-Fuel kit for motorcycles, but a complete driver's solution offering services to its user such as onboard telemetry, GPS tracking, SOS alerts...
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Headquarters 13100 aix en provence avenue louis philibert

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