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GREEN KEEPER manufactures and markets eco-responsible solutions for the control of pollutant leaks. The GKSORB absorbent, made from water hyacinth, is able to encapsulate up to 17 times its weight in hydrocarbons.

GREEN KEEPER AFRICA is a Beninese start-up created in 2014 by David GNONLONFOUN and Fohla MOUFTAOU. The company designs, manufactures and sells 100% organic absorbents for professionals to control the leakage of pollutants. The environmental technologies developed are intended for the local and international market. Green Keeper Africa offers virtuous solutions and products thanks to the socio-economic and environmental impacts generated by its activity. The company's flagship products are absorbent fiber for the control of oil pollution (GKSORB®) and soil remediation solutions. Absorbents are made from water hyacinth.


Green Keeper Africa

A New Deal in pollution control: using a noxious biomass derived sorbent to clean-up contaminated areas and create multiple positive social and environmental impacts.

GREEN KEEPER AFRICA‘s mission is to transform the biomass of an invasive weed which creates series of negatives consequences on the environment and on the community (water quality, rural exodus, etc). The devastating plant, water hyacinth, becomes a raw material whose exploitation creates a new socio-economic dynamic in a vulnerable environment. Green Keeper Africa clears the waterways, making it accessible for fishermen and local communities. The large amount of the weed harvested is then valorized into products that focuses on the pollution challenges of industries : bio-sorbents that are extremely effective in capturing oil spills (up to 17 times its weight !). Almost 1000 people, 85% of women, are directly concerned by our inclusive business model. Our innovations works because we propose social, ecologic and technologic values in our products. Our flagship product addresses the industrial markets making available an efficient solution to tackle their pollution problems. Oil industries upstream and downstream, construction companies, various industries (breweries, cement, agro-food, etc) are concerned. We offer to our clients the unique proposition of better controlling their pollution with an ecotechnology developed in Africa while at the same time we make them part of a community considering social impact as natural value. We advocate to raise awareness and better ecological behaviors in the industrial sector. Today 7 main industries in Benin are adopting better industrial waste management thanks to Green Keeper Africa Value Proposition : An affordable efficient sorbent organic solution produced in Africa and directly available in the clients’ country of activity with a recycling loop for the waste (alternative fuel for industries). The more weed harvested the more waterways cleared for all purpose (tourism, health, fishing, trading, etc.) The more weed harvested the more money transferred to the community (mainly to women) for schooling, health, food, housing, social position, etc. The more weed harvested the better the fishing yields The more weed harvested the better the water quality The more weed harvested the more diversity restored The more sorbent sold the less pollutants in the soil

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and production

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Materials and chemistry, End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Circular economy of solid wastes

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