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2012 TB Haarlem, Netherlands

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Servaas Van Den Noortgate & Stefaan Debref



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FlexGrid is addressing the global development challenge of bringing clean, affordable energy to off-grid low-income households and small businesses in Sub Saharan Africa. FlexGrid is directly addressing the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goal #7: access to clean, affordable energy for all by 2030. FlexGrid uses artificial intelligence to radically rethink the architecture of a mini-grid, resulting in a substantial lower investment per connected household (AIPU), and aims to redefine the way the industry thinks about off-grid electrification: from donor-dependent towards a sustainable business model.

FlexGrid is a modular, scalable system that has been specially designed for off-grid rural electrification. A FlexGrid is self-learning and self-configuring. Power production, storage and 230V AC distribution are intelligently and autonomously regulated in a fully decentralised architecture. In contrast to the master-slave architecture of conventional mini-grid systems, a FlexGrid uses a fully decentralised architecture, based on swarm Intelligence. As there is no master-slave principle, there is also no weak point. A FlexGrid does not need any special skills to be planned, installed or maintained. Extra generation, power or storage capacity can be deployed in seconds without service interruption. Thanks to the build-in swarm intelligence, the system configures itself autonomously. FlexGrids start small and then scale up based on measured demand. Our business model does not rely on uncertain demand forecasts. "The flexibility to adapt a FlexGrid to the actual demand, rather than relying on a forecast, removes one of the biggest risks mini-grid developers are facing, and it lowers the upfront investment substantially. This industry thus can become a profitable business no longer dependent on donations or so called anchor clients.



FlexGrid is a modular, scalable system that has been specially designed for off-grid rural electrification.

We are currently looking for investors to : - scale up to 50 villages in Mali in phase 1 and 500 villages in phase 2 - further develop our concept, including pay as you go and cloud monitoring - develop our franchise concept to speed up the FlexGrid implementation with our partners in sub Sahara Africa

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Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa,

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Affordable and clean energy

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Energy storage, Energy distribution & management, Clean energy production

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