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36100 Vicenza, Province of Vicenza, Italy

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Francesco da Schio



  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Responsible consumption and production



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farm Francesco da Schio

Francesco da Schio and his son Berardo da Schio look at a production of crops on a living soil, that reduces the superficial erosion of arable crops and increases water capacity in the field: the absence of mechanical machining and the agroforestry promotes and protects edaphic biodiversity which is the only source of humus and construction of a stable soil structure. Only this practice, called "no-till farming", reduce the energy consumption!

From the early years 2000 onwards in the farm DA SCHIO we paid a lot of attention to damage caused by superficial erosion and none water infiltration in the soil. And it was decided to look for a remedy because of the severity of the phenomenon. The first trees in rows have benefited the environment because they have slowed down the strength of the wind; land buffer bands and hedges have consolidated these beneficial actions and have suggested the idea that the annual crops could be productive on a soil rich in living micro-organisms capable to work the ground. In these years the organization of the work has changed a lot: the owner, workers and machines work less because, by not disturbing and letting work the ground to the soil microorganisms, their mechanical and physical work is reduced. Land equipment and agronomic technique change. During free time we can improve our professional preparation for better and safer work, foreigners’ workers have more time to integrate into the local society. New technique changes the methods of soil fertility survey, the techniques of sowing and fertilizing and the agrarian rotations. The farm DA SCHIO has devoted much time also to animal welfare by creating a small farm of pigs in the open air and leaving sedentary the apiary. The processing of meat of pigs in salami takes place in an approved laboratory and the technique of meat bagging and preservation is taught by the local elders and Is the one that for centuries has been implemented in the area. Is now needing to complete the development of this new agronomic process disseminating the technique to nearby and distant farmers.

Company farm Francesco da Schio

Earthworms are the best allied to the farmer

Offer Earthworms are the best allied to the farmer

Living soil and no till farming reduce energy consumption, coverage and ordinary crops with agroforestry capture carbon

Earthworms mineralize the organic substance of plant residues in favor of new plants, leaving vertical and horizontal holes that fill the soil with roots, air and water. Only the non-working of the soil allows its life.The agroforestry and the continuous covering of the ground, favor the life of the earthworms and enhance for 12 months a year the free work of the photosynthesis chloroffiliana to combine the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere and the water of the soil to make sugars for the benefit of the whole humanity. The DA SCHIO farm is a leader in these difficult agronomic techniques that serve the farmer and the community

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Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Responsible consumption and production

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Water distribution and use, Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Agriculture and farming for food production, Primary resources management

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