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A company with a human touch As new technologies emerge every day, we need to constantly adapt and develop, we have to preserve our climate and protect those in need. FACIL'iti is positioned as a multi-skilled player in the web accessibility landscape. Since 2013 our company’s philosophy nourishes our graphic designs, animates websites and digital tools, accompanies events, trains employees for new competences and designs innovative spaces. Our 7 skill centers all certified ISO 14 001 at the service of a contemporary communication service, aware of the challenges of tomorrow.

FACIL’iti is an individually customizable web portal that enhances the accessibility of any existing website while preserving the original code of the pages. It creates a significantly improved customized browsing experience for seniors and people with visual, motion or cognitive impairments. It allows your website to meet the needs of each individual’s particular condition. It is all about accessibility, authonomy, dignity and inclusiveness.