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8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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Klaus Fabry



  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Responsible consumption and production



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fabry I strategy (fsc)

ENERGY & EFFICIENCY - MONEY & SUSTAINABILITY....are all linked together.... Let's talk!

Global Competition is just one click away. Customers market transparency increases. Traditional Marketing-Methodes are failing, And business-models get disrupted. Executable, profitable & sustainable Business-Strategies are more important then ever. Let's talk!



Why We Need To Think About Our Global Financial Ecosystem If Human Mankind Want to Have A Sustainable Future

Due to the fact, that we are talking more and more about climate change and the impact to our lifes, I was finally encouraged to go a step further and asked myself the simple question: "What are the real reasons for all the environmental damage we see today?" As you can imagine, the answer was by far more complex then I initially thought. Finally I ended up, where I never looked so far for causes: >> Fiat-Money-Creation << Never heard of it? Don't worry, you are not alone! As most people on the planet, we are very used to the staff it produces, but only few people really understand what that stuff really is, and what consequences it finally has on our daily life and the future of mankind as a whole. The M.I.C.E - formula can be an eye-opener.. >> And as money effects every aspect in Life and in our global economy...every sector is impacted! >>But there are soulutions as well! Let's talk... .

Categories of application
Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production

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Water production, Water treatment, Water distribution and use, Clean energy production, Energy from waste, Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Renewable fuels, Industrial processes, Materials and chemistry, Freight transportation, End-of-pipe industrial pollution management, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters, Agriculture and farming for food production, Circular economy of solid wastes, Primary resources management

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