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Exeter College

Developed an alternative to the short-lived and toxic Tesla Powerpack to enable large scale sustainable energy storage.

A crucial issue for Australia (and many other places around the World) is storing energy generated from solar cells, but we must move away from battery storage systems like Tesla's installed there recently. Batteries are really horrible things for mankind: toxic, self-degrading, use rare elements, can spontaneously ignite if damaged, are of lower capacity at higher temperatures, have limited life/charge cycles and are virtually un-recyclable. Exeter College has developed a Smart management flywheel-based alternative which can deliver the Tesla battery farm output in the same area, without toxicity and without any limit on its useful life - it could be used for hundreds of years with no loss in storage capacity, performance or efficiency. The design can also be scaled as required to store bulk energy wherever it is needed and would make a significant contribution to energy management around the World.

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