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1820 Veytaux, Switzerland

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Francois Golbery & Anne Walhain Golbery





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ESAFON proactively do contribute to design and develop efficient and cost effective investment models to support the integration of impact investments into mainstream capital market.

ESAFON, whose headquarters are based in Montreux, is a non-profit Association created in June 2001 by two partners Francois Golbery and Anne Walhain Golbery. ESAFON objectives are to promote the cooperation between Switzerland and Europe and to facilitate the exchanges between professionals in the area of Asset Management & Family Wealth Management, to allow its members to discuss together and to implement the new regulations and the best management practices, with an objective geared towards harmonisation and transparency, in a long term perspective. The ESAFON objectives are also to increase the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. Impact investments are investments made by companies and funds to generate measurable social and environmental impact aligned with financial return. ESAFON's goal is also to help companies enhance their performance on an international scale by providing reliable innovative and up-to-date information which is instantly applicable. ESAFON provides the top level executives of the Fund Industry and Wealth Management Community with focused and innovative worldwide conferences and seminars.