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2560 Nidau, Switzerland

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Karin Jeanneret, Andrea Vezzini, Alois Müller, Urs Heierli




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The sunlight pump is a highly efficient, portable solar pump for smallholder irrigation and domestic water supply.

Ennos is a Swiss company founded in 2006 as a spin-off of Berne University of Applied Sciences. We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers and marketing experts. We are dedicated to developing pumping technologies that are affordable and appropriate for farmers and communities.
Mission: Ennos develops and promotes the sunlight pump, a solar-powered water pump that ensures a reliable water supply for smallholder irrigation, productive use, drinking water and sanitation & hygiene in developing countries.
Ennos promotes the use of a CO2-free that combines income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and a more sustainable use of the resources energy and water.As our slogan says, we develop and distribute “Swiss Innovative Technology” – which stands for high-quality, well designed equipment.
Vision: Ennos strives to establish a network of distribution partners to make the sunlight pump the best quality, best serviced and most accessible solar-powered water pump in the target countries.
At Ennos, we believe in a world where everybody has access to fresh water for drinking, domestic use and crop production. We work to provide access to an innovative pumping technology for all regions of the world where water is lacking but the sun as free source of power is available in abundance.

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