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A novel CO2 capturing compressor to produce biomethane fuel from raw biogas at 70% lower cost and 50% greater efficiency

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2014
Company Size 4
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Founders Amit Roy
Headquarters Bennetts Rd, Horsham RH13 5JZ, UK
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Engas UK Ltd, based in West Sussex, Horsham UK developed an innovative, modular biogas purification system that can compress raw-wet-biogas and purify it into 97% bio-methane (Bio-CNG) at 250bar for refuelling of vehicles. Bio-CNG is also suitable for back-up power to displace diesel and also for rapid-charging of electric-vehicles without the electricity-grid. The captured bio-CO2 can be used for algae-production, pH-control for waste-water and green-houses for enhanced crop's yield, and also as a major commercial opportunity for Bio-CO2 trading. Technology Description: Competitors' product cannot compress raw-wet-biogas directly as they need to upgrade the dirty-raw biogas first due to the presence of moisture, high CO2 content, H2S, NH3, and siloxanes which would block a conventional compressor, and this is not cost effective for the competitors in small-medium scale, resulting in >$1billion/year/ country (G7) wastage of untapped biogas. The present state of the art requires raw biogas to be compressed first to 8-10bar, then the CO2 is removed by various methods i.e. Pressure Swing Absorption, membrane filtration, scrubbing in water/amine solution & by a cryogenic method. But Engas UK's novel CO2 capturing compressor eliminates the multiple-steps of competitor’s 8-10bar compression, CO2 removal and then gas-drying, by just one single step of DIRECT COMPRESSION of Raw-dirty biogas by a novel process to produce 97% pure bio-methane at 50% better efficiency, at higher reliability, at 70-90% lower capital cost. Engas UK’s technology has >98% volumetric efficiency compared to 75% in competitor's system. Engs UK's CO2 -capturing compressor has no moving part thus no wear and tear. Customers: Dairy farms, municipalities/ councils, breweries, tomato/potato farms, greenhouses, sewage treatment companies, university campuses, zero-carbon housing developers, fleet vehicle operators, energy storage companies for bio-CNG+ battery hybrid power packs etc. Total Addressable Market: Stranded biogas market: The UK has 9600 dairy farms, 2500 poultry farms, many of which are unlikely to get a planning permission to export electricity to the grid e.g. in Cornwall, due to the capacity-constraint of the local electricity grid. Transporting this stranded biogas to a few miles to a point having a stronger-grid, will create a significant business opportunity, this is what Engas UK’s solution can do. There are over 12,000 biogas plants in Germany alone and this CO2 capturing compressor will be exported to the EU through local partnerships. According to the Canadian Biogas Association, the biogas development can lead to 1,800 separate construction projects with a capital investment of $7 billion and economic spin-off of $21 billion to the Canadian economy. Bio-CNG vehicles will play a major role to reduce Nox and suspended particulate matter by displacing petrol and diesel. Bio-CNG could be injected to the gas-grid to reduce the CO2 emission from the space heating-sector. Bio-CNG could also be converted to green-hydrogen as and when the hydrogen vehicle market becomes viable. The Smart Grid sector is estimated to be about £17 billion/year (UK) worth of benefit by 2022. Network operators such as SSE Networks, UK Power Networks and Scottish Power Networks believe smart technologies could help create mini regional energy markets across the country. Interrupted UPS power is projected globally at $13.7 Billion in 2022. Allied Market Research reported the "world electric vehicle charging market would generate $8.02 billion revenue by 2022 and grow at a compound annual rate of 30.7% during 2016-2022. Engas UK has started operation in India through partnership with a local Company there and installed bio-CNG plants there.
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Headquarters Bennetts Rd, Horsham RH13 5JZ, UK

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