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EnergyNest's proprietary Thermal Battery solutions increase energy efficiency within industry and slash CO2 emissions.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2011
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Founders Pål G. Bergan
Headquarters 1396 Billingstad, Norway
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EnergyNest, the Thermal Battery company, offers a highly flexible and cost-effective thermal energy storage (TES) system for customers in power generation-, energy-intensive manufacturing and renewables industries. Thermal Battery solutions enable clients to optimize their energy balance and security, increase energy utilization and valorization, improve energy efficiency and flexibility in production processes, and consequently reduce overall fossil-fuel consumption and decarbonize key activities - all in a profitable, sustainable and non-intrusive manner. Moreover, they enable clients to capture multiple value streams and additional revenue opportunities that would otherwise remain untapped or unavailable. This includes: 1) Recovering waste heat in industry by bringing energy potentials that would otherwise be dumped back into value processes when needed (Heat2Heat); 2) Enabling electrification of manufacturing based on variable renewable energy rather than fossil fuels (Power2Heat); 3) Increasing flexibility of thermal power plants to better align for high renewables penetration scenarios and exploit fluctuating price signals (Heat2Power); 4) Dispatching on-demand steam and process heat to industry from renewable resources like CSP, thereby displacing fossil fuels (Heat2Power).
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Headquarters 1396 Billingstad, Norway

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EnergyNest offers a cross-industrial energy storage solution applicable to clientele within power generation, industrial manufacturing and the renewable sector. The Thermal Battery technology is a smart, compact, durable and modular system with high heat capacity and conductivity, with a lifetime of 50+ years without any degradation. The inherent simplicity and flexibility of the Thermal Battery module enables it to be easily installed at client site and integrated into specific processes tailored to customer requirements. Furthermore, Thermal Batteries can cater to multiple types of heat transfer fluids - thermal oils, steam, gases - in accordance to client requirements. EnergyNest provides customers complete engineering, project management and commissioning services in tandem with its partners, in addition to aftersales O&M support and consultancy services.

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