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EnergyElephant helps people make better, cleaner energy decisions using a simple, A.I. powered software platform.

EnergyElephant is an artificial intelligence platform for energy data.  Our software builds an energy database, analyses the data and derives insights into how the user can reduce consumption, cost and carbon emissions instantly.  It can process electricity, thermal fuel and transport fuel data (and water) and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a small California base, we offer cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their energy, with a particular focus on helping them make the transition to a low carbon economy. Our mission is to organise and analyse the world's energy data. 

The decarbonisation of the world's economy is one of the world's biggest business opportunities.  It will bring about the fifth industrial revolution affecting everyone including homes, businesses, industries and transport.

For any organisation, we bring all your energy data together online saving you time and money while reducing risks.  We can help identify the best energy prices, give ongoing automatic alerts and help reduce carbon footprints the smart way. We help meet legislative requirements for reporting, reduce the risk of volatile energy price rises and mitigating against carbon taxes and encourage internal carbon pricing. We even help identify the best smart energy technology for your location. 

Using our proprietary technologies, we help you reduce ENERGY costs, carbon and consumption the smart way through actions & competition to drive change.  We are based in the world renowned "Silicon Dock"​, at the heart of Dublin's technology hub.