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ENERGIES 2050 is committed to fight against climate change and to implement sustainable development

Gathering members and partners from more than sixty nationalities, ENERGIES 2050 works internationally to set up a new, positive and inclusive development model and to convert constraints into action possibilities. As a collective adventure in the quest for better ways of living together , ENERGIES 2050 is committed to the Great Transition, including the energy transition, sustainable cities and regions and the shift towards a more humane, plural and united society, bringing peace and respecting the common goods of humanity. ENERGIES 2050 breaks its activities down into five complementary areas: • Executing demonstrative and repeatable implementation projects accompany by technical studies and research actions to show the possibilities. • Organising or attending meetings and conferences in order to expand the opportunities for exchanges and discussions. • Publishing research results to pool and share knowledge. • Educating, training and building the capacities so that each individual can understand, know and act. • Communicating to the greatest number to inform, mobilise and unit the desire to act. ENERGIES 2050 implements projects in more than thirty countries. ENERGIES 2050 is active in the following topics: eco-development and sustainable development; climate, environment and energy policy; energy transition; development of renewable energy sources; responsible and sustainable tourism; buildings and the construction sector; challenges and opportunities in rural and urban areas; sustainable cities; natural resources and the common goods of humanity; ecological and environmental economics; responsible business dynamics and corporate performance; low-carbon development strategies; gender; environmental education; social dynamics; behaviour change and citizen action; and the social solidarity economy. ENERGIES 2050 is a recognised player in climate change negotiations and in preparing and setting up national and international strategies and action programmes. ENERGIES 2050 is also known for successfully introducing concrete mitigation and adaptation projects including gender issues with huge innovation potential and for deploying essential capacity-building programmes to support country ownership and boost national excellence. ENERGIES 2050 has especially been privileged to support several African countries in preparing their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) and in producing briefing files for submission to the Green Climate Fund. The association also launched ethiCarbon Afrique® in 2012. This strong, solidarity-based and innovative tool is designed to contribute to a real African energy revolution. ENERGIES 2050 is, among others, member of the Building Alliance launched in Paris COP21, member of the Board of the GI-REC UNEP Initiative (Global Initiative Resources Efficient Cities) and is also involved in a significant number of concrete actions with institutions, governments and local authorities in many countries, as well as with a significant number of practitioners. ENERGIES 2050 also has significant experience working with international networks and more specifically with the United Nations programmes (UN-Habitat, UNEP-SBCI, UNWTO, UNDP, the 10YFP-SCP, etc.) and the Francophonie’s Networks (IFDD (Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable, subsidiary organ of l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie – OIF, etc.).