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A group of industry players, research & technology organizations, universities and associations active in field of advanced materials for clean energy a& clean mobility technologies




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EMIRI Association (Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative)

EMIRI - The Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative

EMIRI represents more than 60 organizations (industry, research, associations) active in Advanced Materials for clean energy & clean mobility technologies. The association contributes to industrial leadership of developers, producers and key users of Advanced Materials by shaping an appropriate innovation, energy and industrial policy framework at European level. EMIRI is a key catalyst to ensure that the various public support programmes (EU Horizon 2020, structural funding, national programmes, …) effectively contribute in building a vibrant industrial sector of advanced materials for energy, attracting and aligning the major stakeholders from industry, research, EU and Member States. In frame of Horizon 2020, EMIRI collaborates with European Commission to develop the Innovation Pillar on Advanced Materials for clean energy & clean mobility technologies proposed in the EMERIT Industry-Driven Initiative.