We aim to extend the life of electric vehicles and to make them more desirable to customers

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Founders David Schene
Headquarters 1066 Épalinges, Switzerland
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We aim to give several lives to an electric car platform by replacing entirely its bodywork as well as the interior with new and differentiated designs throughout its existence.
Headquarters 1066 Épalinges, Switzerland

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Currently, in Europe alone about 6 millions cars are being destroyed every year according to the Ademe. This represents about 6.5 millions metric tons of waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics (e.g. PE, PP), used oils, etc., which could be reduced drastically tomorrow. How? Our idea is to give several lives to electric cars to keep them alive for longer. Throughout their existence, we will replace entirely their bodywork as well as the interior with new and differentiated designs. It could be described as "upcycling". Why electric cars? The underlying finding is that the lifespan of electric vehicles is longer than that of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. This is due to simpler mechanical architecture (resulting in less maintenance) and batteries that could last for several hundred thousands kilometers. Hence, mileage is no longer the most relevant criteria of obsolescence as it is for ICE cars but design and condition are. Our project aims to keep batteries and chassis alive for longer through the replacement of bodywork and interior elements. Instead of changing the entire car after a few years, we would offer to change only the elements that have aged or are out of fashion with new ones. This could take place several times during the life of an EV platform and could significantly improve the carbon footprint of future EVs being upcycled. In addition, such proposal would broaden customers’ choices and increase customers’ interest for EVs as we could offer differentiation and small-series. We do not intend to be a new carmaker but work in collaboration with established carmakers to offer their clients a way to make the best use of the life of their battery. We also do not intend to change any elements of the structure or elements of security of the EV platform that is being upcycled.

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