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Ehab is a platform to design, fund and build sustainable homes, resilient neighbourhoods and livable smart cities.

The aim of our business is to transform the housing & construction sectors, so they are people led, data driven, sustainable, more affordable and capable of delivering the livable smart cities which are now needed more than ever. There are countless economic, social and environmental problems which stem from the creation of poor housing and badly designed places. We intend to tackle all of these through our impact focused ecosystem. The solution we are creating is incredibly scalable and is modular, so can be continually added to and upgraded to meet the changing challenges of our world.


The ehab platform

A digital platform to design, fund and build: sustainable homes, resilient neighbourhoods and livable smart cities.

We are building a platform which connects people, innovative housing developers and the crowd and gives them the tools to create sustainable homes, resilient neighbourhoods and livable smart cities. Using the blockchain and smart contracts we increase construction efficiency and transparency. We empower the crowd to invest in these projects and get a return without the need for a middle man. Our token system offers a huge degree of flexibility when it comes to different financing vehicles and shared ownership schemes. We have 115,000 homes in our project pipeline and are developing our MVP now. We are working with Resilience brokers a global smart city planning tool and we hope to start working with ICLEI one of the first smart city and sustainable development networks. We have 10 innovative housing partners and are working with housing associations in the UK and affordable developers in Brazil.

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