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With its natural extracts and extraction technology, Eco Treasures aims to provide high-value, high-quality products

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Eco Treasures


At Eco Treasures we believe that extracting the richness of mother nature in a careful, qualitative and economically viable manner will support a sustainable future for our planet! Eco Treasures produces “Fruiticals” and “Naturals” based on vegetal raw materials for the B2B market. Each of these has unique properties and is used in a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, food and food supplements. Organic cold pressed berry seed oils, from fruits such as raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry and blackcurrant and from plants such as coffee and black cumin. We produce a wide range of organic dried fruit fibres, grinded seed powders and SCCO2 extracted antioxidants and colourants.
Headquarters 9160 Lokeren, Belgium

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Other products

The oils are extracted via cold pressing and this has a positive impact on quality. Aside from the filtration in order to purify the oil, there are no extra operations or additives. Our oils are characterized by a low concentration of free fatty acids (virgin oil grade) and a low level of peroxide.

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The most important properties of these powders are, however, the micro-nutrients that they contain. Cranberry fruit, for example, is rich in proanthocyanidins (so-called PACs) and sea buckthorn fruit contains a high concentration of Ω7-fatty acid (an essential fatty acid just like Ω3 and Ω6). The blueberry powder contains high concentrations of anthocyanidins which give the fruit its blue colour and are known as anti-oxidants. Finally, the powders contain significant concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements. Most of these micro-nutrients occur naturally in the skin of the fruit. It is this part of the fruit that is present in high quantities in our fruit powders.

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The properties of the press cake flour vary according to the fruit from which the seed was extracted. Every type of flour is suitable for nutritional purposes. A typical nutritional analysis shows the following composition: • Fibres: 50-55% • Proteins: 7-12% • Lipids: 5-10% • Ash: 1-3% • Moisture: 3-6% For some types of flour (such as pomegranate and sea buckthorn), the protein level is substantially higher thus lowering the fibre content. The most important property of these press cake powders, however, is the level of micro-nutrients. It is the high concentration of minerals, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins and natural colorants that make these products so unique. An added bonus is that the press cake flour is also 100% biodegradable. Alongside the chemical/biological properties, there are also a number of significant physical characteristics that make these products suitable for all sorts of applications. • (Gently) abrasive according to the particle size and type of fruit, they offer huge flexibility when it comes to the relevant application (facial treatment or cleaning agent). • 100% natural origins. • Various stable colours. • Standardised granulometry.

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Available inWorldwideCategories of applicationResponsible consumption and productionSector of applicationCircular economy of solid wastes Status Implemented