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Expert and pioneer on LiFi solutions

CRANTEC is an expert and pioneer on LiFi solutions, collaborating for more than 7 years with PureLiFi with full access to the state of the art LiFi technology. (hardware and software) as LiFi Solutions Provider. CRANTEC is also a manufacturer of LiFi light fixtures and integrates high-speed LiFi in smart touch furniture or objects. We can supply and integrate global solutions with a joint development on specific projects with you. We can also assist you in projects of transformation and integration of LiFi technology, from the analysis and proposal of technical solutions to the deployment to ensure the full success of your project.



LiFi (Light Fidelity) transforms the existing lighting network into a mobile wireless communications network.

LiFi is a communication technology to send and receive information at very high speed using LED lamps. The information is transmitted by light and not radio waves. It’s like an optical version of Wi-Fi. The lighting network thus has a triple function: lighting, data network, wireless mobile communications network. Thus With LiFi, LED lamps become a network of wireless access points (APs). The user can move from one lamp to another and keep a smooth connection at very high speed. LiFi is a real solution to the shortcomings of WiFi : - Unlimited capacity: light spectrum 10,000 times larger than that of radio frequencies. No more bandwidth problems! - Data density : 1000 times the data density of Wi-Fi offering more data per square metre -Speed: At the speed of light! - Transmission rate is now 1 Gbit /sec… and 11 Gbit /sec or more already proved feasible. Downloading a film has never been so fast! with WiFi : maximum of 100 Mbit /s. - No interference - Universality : Access to the internet with LiFi, for places deprived of WiFi, for fear of radiowaves interference: hospitals or planes, or for sensitive environments (nuclear plants, power plants) or inaccessible environments (underground car parks, subway, submarines); Natural Security of Li-Fi - Confinement of exchanges : LiFi does not cross walls: The LiFi is visible so it can be directed and contained very easily, which limits hacking possibilities. For additional security, it is also possible to encrypt the codes; Ability to exchange confidentially between two devices; The LiFi allows a very fine geolocalization; LiFi Applications : - In stations or airports: passengers can be guided to their train/gate and are informed according to the platform they are on; - In supermarkets: Advertisements target the radius where the customer moves. The customer's journey through the store can be analyzed ; - Outside : Public lighting can be a source of information, it can broadcast warnings or digital content to users of public transportation or in public services. - LiFi can help secure access to sensitive places (labs, research centers). - Home : integrating into each apartment a LiFi lighting network that will become a mobile communications network . - Office : LiFi light bulbs integrate directly into the company's IP network to become a mobile communications network with ease of management and maintenance, offering unlimited local bandwidth. - Transportation : Solar powered bus shelters with integrated information panel for real-time information on transport, and free access to the internet; -City : The lighting network becomes digital and a network of services; Secured Internet access for all, accessible in all public places, under a light post; - Hospital : doctors can access their patients’ files or videoconference with colleagues, with no radio waves interferences; - Retail stores : use the lighting network to broadcast digital content, promotional information in stores or analyse the clients’ behavior. LiFi LED Luminaire are Energy Efficient ; do not consum more Energy and can be powered by Solar Panel (48V).

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities

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Industrial processes, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Communities infrastructures, Building and shelters