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When delivery service rhymes with social link and environment protection

Courseur is a young and fresh startup which aims to decrease the number of cars in region where cars are necessary. How ? Clients who are already planning to do their shopping at our partner stores could take extra time to do the shopping of another client who lives in his/ her area in exchange of a financial compensation. On one side, clients are not taking their cars, spare times, money and between 5 and 30 km of fuel. On the other side, clients who go shopping for two receive a bit of money. Everybody's happy and connect. In some territories outside big and average cities, a lot of people can not move by themselves. Senior, ill people, carless people... In the other side, many clients go shopping every weeks. Why don't they get the shopping list of those people who can not move ? Together, they share money for the use of one car. What is unique about our approach is that we are user driven and have created strong partnership with our retailer client. Why ? Because our application is the only one in which users can 1/ find someone nearby who is going to the grocery store, 2/ chose the products (updated everyday) and 3/ pay online. It's the only one ALL INCLUSIVE app of collaborative delivery. After leading several interviews, it turns out all our clients agree on one major thing : they like Courseur because the service is quite simple ! We want to become the number 1 worldwide of the collaborative shopping delivery and have a real impact on our society : Reduce by 30% the use of cars (decrease the carbon footprint) on the road about daily/weekly shopping journeys. Help several dozens of millions of persons with loss of autonomy and their relatives.


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