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Coomtech revolutionises drying of bulk solids reducing energy and CO₂ emissions by up to 75% over traditional methods.

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Founded 2011
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Founders Chris Every
Headquarters Wisbech PE14 9TW, UK
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Coomtech Ltd


Coomtech SMR (Surface Water Removal) – Low Energy, Low Emissions, Low Cost: Coomtech is a UK based industrial technology company. Our easy to implement patented bulk industrial materials drying technology reduces energy costs and emission generated by our clients, supporting the drive to NET ZERO, today. We have developed an easy to use, better way to dry bulk raw materials that reduces the amount of energy & costs required and emissions generated by some 75% when compared to traditional equipment across this $75bn+ global sector. We are surrounded by materials that required drying before use in products we recognise in everyday life. Examples of the industries using these bulk raw material ingredients include cement, mineral production, pharmaceuticals, food, energy including battery manufacture and recycling, construction and many more in these global and growing market sectors. The world needs to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted now, but many of the most used and essential materials generate a significant volume of emissions when being processed. Coomtech reduces the emission generated by these critical industries - today. Immediate, significant incremental change towards Net Zero, not waiting for a silver bullet! A good example is cement. This is the second most used material after water and requires significant energy to manufacture. There is not currently a viable alternative to cement on the horizon, so finding ways to reduce the impact of this material whilst an alternative is developed is critical. • Over 4.2 Billion tonnes of cement are used globally. • At 1.25t CO2/1 mt cement = 5.2 Billion tonnes of CO2 emitted annually If the cement industry were a country it would be the third global emitter after USA and Russia according to recent BBC research. Impact and efficiency in one simple act: Coomtech reduces the drying energy required by up to 75%, and in doing so reduces the amount of CO2 emitted by the same amount. New build plants, capacity expansion or general efficiency upgrades are three of the key initial opportunities for this technology. In the future we see opportunities to supply our equipment to plant builders as a component and to license the technology to other equipment manufacturers. Currently we have a initial plant going to Australia in the clean fuels sector, several opportunities including a co-development programme in construction materials and a joint development programme for the pharmaceutical industry all under way. How It Works: The Coomtech SMR process uses managed, aggressive, turbulent air to shear water off the particle surface. Moisture is stripped from the particles by: • a centrifugal force caused by the spinning of the particles; • a linear force pneumatically induced by the particles travelling at different speed to the basic air flow. Conveying air is maintained at an average 85degC, the optimal moisture carrying condition to aid transport of removed moisture away primarily as vapor, aerosol and some droplets. In the under 1 second a particle is processed the warm air does not contribute directly to drying. This process is in contrast to traditional thermal drying which has to conform to the natural laws of thermodynamics dictating a specific amount of heat to vaporise a given amount of water.
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Headquarters Wisbech PE14 9TW, UK

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