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Pragnanagar Co-operative Society, Pawan Park Society, Sarod, Sayajiganj, Vadodara, Gujarat 390001, India

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Niraj Marathe




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CoolCrop Technologies Private Limited

CoolCrop creates sustainable, on-farm cold storage solutions and predictive market analytics tools for small and marginal farmers in India so that they can create more value from agriculture

CoolCrop works with small and marginal farmers in India to create solar-powered on-farm cold storages for them so that they can store the perishable produce that they cultivate directly on-farm after harvest. This will reduce their tendency to sell the produce at any price on the same day of harvest and thereby help them market their produce on high-price, high-demand days. CoolCrop is also working on creating a market analytics solution for the farmers so that they are provided information on expected price of the produce that they are storing. This will help them make better decisions on when and where to sell the stored produce. Both solutions aim to increase the productivity and sustainability of agriculture for small farmers. Solar-powered cold storage also provide them clean energy systems for improving their livelihoods.