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ConnectMyEV Inc.

ConnectMyEV is a Silicon Valley-based company specialising in robotics for Electric Vehicles (EV) charging.

The technology originated in the work conducted under a grant from the California Energy Commission.

It offers true park-and-walk convenience to EV drivers by robotically establishing the charging connection to the EV. Most importantly, this is the first such technology that is 100% efficient and does not extract any environmental penalty for the convenience. By making EVs easier to own, we are doing our part to help the environment and the planet.

Imagine yourself in the morning, ready to go to work, but just when you realise that you forgot to plug in your EV the night before. Or imagine that your self-parking EV has dropped you off at your door and has gone to park itself. You are not going to run behind the EV - just to plug it in. ConnectMyEV's robotics is designed to connect and charge your EV seamlessly as you walk away. Being a "conductive" approach this technology is 100% efficient and does not have any environmental penalty for the convenience. By making EVs easy to own, this technology will un-gate the mass market adoption of EVs, and in turn, help the environment.


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