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Cell Propulsion (Cellprop Private Limited)

Cell propulsion is company from Bengaluru, India, focused in delivering mobility solutions in the areas of autonomy, electric power trains and energy storage by building globally deploy-able , IP led technology stacks in both hardware and software. Cell propulsion was founded in May -2016 and started full time operations from Feb-2017 on-wards.We are a strong team of 40 full time engineers, 5 advisors and a management team and who have diverse experience in the field of technology and business.

Cell Propulsion is an automotive company based in Bengaluru, India, that designs and develops electric power drives and autonomous electric mobility solutions for multiple types of transportation. It is a team of young entrepreneurs and engineers with experience in developing spacecrafts, aircrafts and launch vehicles. Cell Propulsion is building competencies and proprietary IP in Automotive Engineering, energy storage, electromagnetic machines, and vehicle autonomy to provide cost effective, rapid turnaround, full spectrum mobility solutions to global customers. We will compete with the best in the global automotive industry to gain significant market share. Our capabilities are built to address the market’s need for a cost effective full spectrum provider of electric mobility solutions and to meet the growing demand of electric vehicles for civilians,large corporate and governments. The vision of the company is to reduce consumption of hydrocarbon fuels by augmenting transportation industry with high performance autonomous vehicles at affordable prices.