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CSI will install and maintain a solar system designed to supply the energy required for the operation of your home or business during normal operation based on the prior consumption records supplied by the utility provider. Customer shall purchase a 4 to 5 year "BLOCK" of energy in advance, Depending on the type of system After the 4 to 5 year block of energy is consumed, customer is required to pay a yearly amount, (quarterly upon approval by CSI ) which will be equivalent to 80% of their current monthly billing, after a period of 8.4 to 10.5 years, CSI will reduce the rate to 60% of their current billing , after 12 to 15 years of successful payments, CSI will turn over said solar system to the property owners. ANY failure to pay will result in the demand for full payment of solar system retail cost, less the amount paid up front and any subsequent payments made for energy produced .

Type Company
Founded 2012
Company Size 3
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Founders Tommy Tirey
Headquarters WWXC+69R, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines
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Cebu Solar Incorporated (CSI) is an emerging supplier of Renewable Energy Systems and Solar Technology Integration. CSI is under the Advance Solar Technology (AST), established in 2002 by Tommy Lee Tirey Jr., an American inventor of the Solar Fluid Heating System with US Patent using the parabolic dish concentrating solar power technology. CSI is a manufacturing business and services corporation which provides the engineering and technical services with a competitive pricing designed to address the concern for a more sustainable energy development system. CSI offers alternative renewable energy solutions to small and medium enterprises to generate savings in their energy consumption and transform them into more efficient and self-sufficient businesses. In addition, this method is environment friendly. Cebu Solar Incorporated (CSI) is a Cebu-based concentrated solar power manufacturer, providing innovations in the solar power business to make it more affordable to its users in five revenue generating areas: 1. RE-Manufacturing , Solar dish or component technology , Manufacturing, sales, and distribution of combined heat and power (CHP) products , Power electronics for power generation equipment , Any application requiring quiet, highly reliable, zero-maintenance, low-emission energy solutions. 2. RE-Engineering, RE Construction design, installation, estimates, Solar farms, System Integrator for Green and Smart Building, Energy Audit, Energy Management 3. RE Research and development, Solar Dish Development, Concentrated Photo-Voltaic, Power Electronics, Waste Heat Generator 4. Consultancy, Green buildings, New System Consultation/Feasibility Study 5. Cebu Solar Incorporated (CSI) main thrusts are as follows: 6. Provide energy security and reliability in the Philippines. 7. Help to protect mother earth by slowing or stopping global warming. 8. Able to help people and business enterprises/companies to save money. 9. Helps to provide energy independence and sustainability. 10. Generates thousands of jobs/employment in the country. 11. Offers cost-effective/affordable solar product portfolio and other related services
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Headquarters WWXC+69R, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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Affordable and clean energy
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Sustainable cities and communities
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