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Caeli Energie is developing low environmental footprint Air Conditioners for residential applications.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2020
Company Size 3
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Founders Rémi PERONY
Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France
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Cooling your home without warming the planet ! The past decade (2010-20) has been the hottest decade in history and January 2020 was the hottest January month on record globally. Unfortunately, this dangerous trend is likely to speed up in the upcoming years. As temperatures rise and heatwaves become more and more prevalent, the demand for space cooling is booming throughout the globe. The problem is that AC is accelerating climate change by leaking refrigerants into the atmosphere (which are strong greenhouse gases) and by relying on huge electricity needs to operate which are not neutral to global warming. Thus, the solution which is commonly used to withstand the summer heat in our homes is actually increasing the outside temperature : solution is now part of the problem. Caeli Energie is focusing on tackling the summer thermal discomfort in buildings without the need of refrigerants or any chemical and with high energy efficiency : The solution we have developed is a low footprint Air Conditioner for residential application based on an innovative thermodynamic cycle and a high-performance heat-exchanger. Using the latent heat of water, our technology lowers the air temperature by extracting heat from hot air and exchanging it to evaporating water. . Our solution is an indirect adiabatic cooler with a wet bulb efficacity reaching more 100%. The physical principle is inspired by nature: it is really close to the thermoregulation principle used by some mammals to control their own temperature. We have copied the phenomenon and we apply it to thermal comfort in building after having enhanced its efficiency and improved its housing integration. Compared to traditional vapor compression AC systems, our coefficient of performance (the energy efficiency) is between 2 to 5 time better than classic AV depending of the outdoor atmospheric conditions. In a nutshell, our solution can cool your living room with a low environmental footprint : low consumption of electricity and water, without the need of chemical neither pollutant refrigerant fluid. We are now a team of 3 people : Stephane, PhD in thermodynamic, CTO of the project, Frederic, mechanical engineer and myself, CEO. We are financially supported by Linksium, a deeptech incubator located in Grenoble (France), to work on the technical proof of concept. For that, We have a partnership with LOCIE (CNRS-USMB) a public research lab specialized in energy and buildings. we have spent the last months developing and optimizing our numerical thermodynamic models and we are now conceiving our first prototypes. We also have recently joined Tennerdis, a French Cluster for the energy transition. At Caeli Energie, we are strongly committed to fight what we consider as world’s most pressing problem : climate change. We belong to this new category of entrepreneurs who believe that Tech must be use for the sake of the all and that entrepreneurship is the perfect way to maximize our career in a way to ‘have a positive impact’ on a large scale. We are voluntary sharing premises with Ronalpia, a social business incubator to share ideas and thoughts. We are actually on a reflexion to change our company statutes and shift to “entreprise à mission” the French equivalent to the “B-corp” US certification. We want to make the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as the top commitment of the company. We know that in a near future, indoor cooling will have largely spread in France and all over the world, if we can contribute to shift from a pollutant to a low environmental footprint solution, we will have succeeded in our mission.
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Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France

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