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Brainwhere envisions to satisfy the energy needs of tomorrow by the next generation airborne wind turbine solution.

The Brainwhere Airborne Wind Turbine system operates at high altitudes in confined airspace. The IP protected energy conversion system is self-supportive, scalable and secure. The platform can also be used as a sensing and comminication platform. Customers will be existing wind park owners as well as remote operations for Governments, NGOs, islands as well as oil, gas and mining asset operators.


Brainwhere Airborne Wind Turbine System

The controllable geo-static system converts energy intense wind fields available at high altitude into electricity.

Energy demand is increasing exponentially due to both world population and energy consumption per capita increase. Wind power is renewable, however current wind turbine technology is facing structural challenges limiting market growth. Environmental concerns (landscape distortion, noise, bird and bat strikes) reduce socio-political acceptance. Building larger and higher wind turbines provides only small productivity increases. The most significant opportunity cost is related to the fact that energy rich winds blow at high altitude beyond wind turbine masts’ reach. While power extraction is increasing just in a linear way with increasing area swept by conventional turbine blades, the power increases in a cubic way with increasing wind speed available at high altitude! If one could install the same turbine 6km over Tokyo one would extract 37x more power as compared to its placement at the usual 80m altitude. Brainwhere intends to capitalize these sustainable energy resources untapped so far. Our solution complements investments of wind park owners and also offers opportunities for new use cases such as NGO operations in remote areas without power supply, off shore mines and platforms or remote islands all having a need for self-sufficient sustainable energy. The IP protected Brainwhere Airborne Wind Turbine is completely new, operates autonomously in confined airspace with full manoeuvrability. It is scalable and its platform can be used for data acquisition and transmission.

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