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08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain

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Jose M. Bermudez, Cristina Aleixendri, David Ferrer



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b4b is positioned as a fuel efficiency tech supplier for the shipping industry to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

We cannot envision a future in which the dependence on fossil fuels and emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases are still an issue. That is why we have rolled up our sleeves and have started working on solutions that will drive that dependence out of our society. For years, we have worked on the design of a rigid wingsail technology applicable to the shipping industry as a clean and efficient vessel propulsive system, in order to reduce their fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The shipping industry is in charge of transporting more than 90% of worldwide cargo and is a huge producer of pollutant emissions, being caused by the enormous fuel consumption of the vessels and by the extremely low-quality, high-polluting fuel being used. As a general example, shipping-related emissions represents 3% of global CO2 emissions, surpassing Germany as a country, and 15% of NOx emissions while being the largest producer of sulphur emissions (SOx), where just the 16 largest vessels now emit as much sulphur pollution as all the world’s 760 million cars. Fortunately, a more restrictive regulation framework is appearing, but we still need to work harder on it. bound4blue’s goal is to establish the basis, based on criteria of efficiency, energy savings and cost savings, to include the propulsive systems based on the use of wind as a standard in the global shipping industry. bound4blue’s designed and patented rigid wingsail system appears as a new solution because of the application of aeronautical techniques to maritime industry, to make the new maritime propulsive systems economically competitive, sustainable and independent from fuel. Thanks to the wind, the wingsails generate part of the thrust required, thus reducing the fuel consumption and thereby the pollutant emissions. In fact, it is the only technology with the potential of providing double-digit savings. The system is efficient, safe and easy to use, and the fact that the wind is cheaper than fuel makes bound4blue’s system one of the most attractive technologies in the world to simultaneously reduce the operating costs and emissions.

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Wingsail system for fuel efficiency in the shipping industry

Bringing aviation technology to shipping via a new foldable wingsail designed to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of maritime transport in existing and newly built vessels.
Solution Label July 2018 Solution