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Bladetips Energy

Bladetips energy develops a flying wind turbine that is light, easy to transport and that reaches high altitude winds.

Bladetips Energy develops a drone system that produces wind energy for a fraction of the cost of a classic wind turbine. The blade tips of a classic wind turbine are the parts that catch most of the wind's energy. The tower, the base, and the central part of the rotor don't catch wind's energy: they are used to make the blade tips spin, and are responsible for most of the costs. Our system uses a specially developed drone that harvests wind energy, like the blade tips of a wind turbine. Using this "flying rotor" drone allows us to keep our system airborne without needing expensive structures (tower, base, central part of the rotor). Compared to classic wind turbines, our system reduces the material needed for the construction by 90%, it can be transported in classic containers and it can reach higher altitudes, where winds are stronger and steadier . A video describing our technology can be watched here: www.bladetipsenergy.com This system has been developed since 2010 at the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France. More than twenty POC have been tested and major milestones have been reached, such as the production of electricity in the presence of wind gusts, flights at a height of 250 meters and automatic flights. Our latest prototype is the size of a helicopter and we are looking for partners that will help in making this project a reality. We hope that you will join us in changing the way the world catches wind’s energy !

Company Bladetips Energy