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We produce clean animal feed from invasive water hyacinth

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2018
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Headquarters To Kendu Bay Pier, Kendu Bay, Kenya
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Biofit feeds


Biofit launched in 2018, is the first African start up that has successfully turned water hyacinth menace to animal feeds. Our product Aquaprotein is feed ingredient with 50% crude protein tested and is capable of replacing high costly proteins in the market such as soy and fish meal. Our technology is a double edge sword that solves farmers challenges of high cost of feeds as well as waste management in Lake Victoria by removal of water hyacinth weed. It is approximated that over 200,000 ha of Lake Victoria is covered by this weed denying riparian communities opportunities of fishing and access to clean water. The water hyacinth since its entry in early 90s in Lake Victoria has caused several problems such; 1. Reduction in fish population in the Lake. 2. Curtailed fishing and transport activities in Lake Victoria. 3. Contamination of Lake waters and infestation by dangerous animals and malaria parasites.
Headquarters To Kendu Bay Pier, Kendu Bay, Kenya

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