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BIOAZUL company (Malaga, Spain) provides innovative technical and business solutions in the environmental, energy engineering and water fields by taking advantage of know-how and techniques acquired through extensive experience in a variety of industrial sectors.BIOAZUL is a rapidly growing company that acts as a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of business and joint research relationships between Spanish companies and research centres and their equivalents from across the world.

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Founder 2003
Company Size 10
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Founders Antonia M. Lorenzo López
Headquarters 29001 Málaga, Province de Malaga, Espagne
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BIOAZUL (Malaga, Spain) is an engineering SME focused on process engineering, wastewater treatment and water reuse concepts, as well as energy efficiency. It has a wide experience in providing integrated solutions to its clients, designing, constructing and commissioning tailor-made complete treatment and water production systems for urban and industrial applications, designing control modules and control philosophy. BIOAZUL also provides its industrial clients with technical assistance for the optimisation, validation and management of their production plants and control systems, as well as for the implementation of energy saving solutions. BIOAZUL services thus include the improvement of the technical/ economic performance of existing plants and integration of state-of-the-art technologies for retrofitting obsolete installations or for their energetic optimisation. The company has designed, constructed and tested numerous pilot plants and prototypes for several FP6, FP7 and H2020 (among others) EU research and demonstration projects such as NaWaTech, PURATREAT, ALGATEC I and ALGATEC II, TREAT&USE, Water2REturn, PAVITR and RichWater in the fields of wastewater treatment and reuse (municipal and industrial), food wastes management (solid and liquid mainly coming from the agro-food industry) and biomass production (for energy purposes). In addition to BIOAZUL’s technical expertise in developing eco-innovative (water) solutions, the company has a stong profile in the project management area. BIOAZUL has in-depth know-how both of the available funding tools (FP6, FP7, IEE, Eco-Innovation, H2020) and the necessary technical, financial and administrative procedures for and successfully managing private and public funded R&D&I projects. This knowledge together with the company's extensive network of technological and commercial contacts all over Europe has facilitated BIOAZUL to set up strong R&D&I proposals on circular economy, environmentally-sound agriculture, food technology and water and solid waste management finally funded by the EC, in which BIOAZUL takes care of management, coordination and R&D&I tasks. The company has assumed the role of project or scientific coordinator of several national and international research projects (Europe, Latin America, Africa); BIOAZUL has been partner, administrative coordinator and general coordinator of more than 30 EU projects within FP6, FP7 and the Programmes under the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), as well as 12 projects in H2020, 1 PRIMA and 1 Erasmus +. BIOAZUL is member of the Water Europe Platform, leading the Water and AgriFood working group (, Network partner of the EIT Food, the european leading initiative on food innovation (, SAVE-FOOD Network: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (FAO,, the EIP Water Action Group: WIRE- Water & Irrigated agriculture Resilient Europe (AG112) ( and the Food for Life Platform (, among others. Last but not least, BIOAZUL signed in April 2013 the United Nations Global Compact (, a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals. Since July 2019, BIOAZUL is enrolled in the CEO Water Mandate ( to advance in the sustainable water management.
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Headquarters 29001 Málaga, Province de Malaga, Espagne

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Water scarcity and resources recovery are global concerns. Sustainable solutions are needed to use water in the best possible way and to recover resources from going to waste. Slaughtering is a water-intensive industry, and the wastewater it generates contains a high proportion of organic matter, being a valuable source of nutrients if properly recovered. Addressing water scarcity while simultaneously recovering valuable resources is what Water2REturn sets out to achieve; it proposes an integrated solution for treating slaughterhouse wastewater and recovering nutrients with high market value in the agricultural sector. Industrial symbiosis is at the core of Water2REturn, in which wastewater treatment facilities in slaughterhouses are turned into bio-refineries under a Circular Economy approach. Water2REturn is a modular system customisable for future clients according to their needs, and its flexibility to be adapted to other food industries confers it a high replicability potential. It is an integrated treatment and nutrients + energy recovery system, and it has been installed at an active slaughterhouse called “Matadero del Sur”, in Salteras, near Seville (Spain). This demonstrator has a treatment capacity of 50 m3 per day (out of the 150 m3 of the slaughterhouse wastewater daily flow), and it consists of three separate process units (water line, sludge line, algae line) + an energy recovery module. Future end users may decide if they would like to install the three lines or just some of them, with or without the energy recovery module, according to their needs and expectations. The project demonstrator aims to show all different possibilities and potentialities of the treatment system under a Circular Economy approach, but Water2REturn system is highly adaptable and customisable. After the proposed treatment and the nutrients recovered, 3 agronomic products will be developed: 1 organic fertiliser and 2 biostimulants. They will be free of pathogens and heavy metals, and ready for their commercialisation at European and international level. All of them will be suitable to be used in both conventional and potentially organic agriculture. Furthermore, Water2REturn provides a new business model based on circular economy approaches and industrial symbiosis schemes, what constitute new business opportunities for all different involved sectors. The immediate potential users, the early adopters, would be those from the slaughtering industry, followed by stakeholders from the meat processing industry. The agricultural sector would be also benefited, being potential end users both bio-agronomic products’ distributors and conventional and organic farmers.

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