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1050 Ixelles, Belgium

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Michael van Cutsem and Bach Kim Nguyen (PhD)




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We help companies and public entities to be more sustainable thanks to Nature and environmental projects creating value

Beeodiversity is a Belgian innovative start-up that generates value to companies and to public entities via nature. It advises and develops environmental projects for its clients in order to: - Improve the quality of the products & services if they are impacted by the environment; - Strengthen the link with local stakeholders; - Improve the well-being and effectiveness of employees; - Improve the territory; - Propose a real environmental differentiation; - Generate visibility. As an example, Beeodiversity developed the Beeomonitoring which consists in monitoring the environment via bees. The tool’s advantage is that it covers large zones (700ha), monitors various elements (pollution, pesticides, biodiversity,…), traces the origin of pollutants and proposes well-targeted solutions. It is used by: - Major water producers to control water captage zones, avoid pollution, and enhance the environment; - Industrials willing to monitor their emission on large zones and reassure the citizens, municipalities,…; - Companies willing to enter into positive partnerships with local Municipalities, such partnership being important for their activity; - Food business to monitor and trace pollution upstream instead of finding it in the product; - Cities willing to improve the environment and create a strong local community engaged in a common project; - Real estate companies willing to have KPIs on a “green project” - Quarries, Recycling plants, Real estate,… Beeodiversity offers other environmental solutions : interior and exterior landscaping that is positive for the biodiversity and the employees, biophilia, Garden for Health (against burn-out, stress, for more work efficiency,...). It combines a scientific expertise, innovative tools based on nature and environmental coaching techniques and is operating in several European countries


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