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We are a social business committed to energy access, clean water and digital. We commercialize innovative products that meet the needs of local populations.

Africa will experience an incredible population growth in the next ten years. To face the challenges ahead, including access to education, health and modernization of the agricultural sector, Africa will have to leapfrog with the help of technology. Baobab+ wishes to take part in this revolution by electrifying and digitizing rural areas in Africa. We are active in Senegal, Mali, Madagascar and Ivory Coast. Baobab+ is a subsidiary of Baobab Group, a leader in digital financial inclusion.


Solar energy and financing solutions

We distribute solar products to improve daily lives of African people and enable them a sustainable economic development

Over 600 million people in Africa dont' have access to the electrical grid. Baobab+ is developing access to energy in West Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali) and Madagascar, with innovative financing solutions like Pay-As-You-Go, to make solar products accessible to all. Our ambition is to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to people living off-grid. Baobab+ is also working on access to digital. Once people have access to energy they can enter the digital world, which will be essential to face tomorrow's challenges in Africa (education, agriculture, health or finance). Baobab+ distributes digital tablets with social impact content. Baobab+ is part of Baobab Group, a digital finance group specializing in financial inclusion in Africa and China.

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Madagascar, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast,

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Affordable and clean energy

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Energy distribution & management