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Mobile biogas for cooking in an entrepreneurial and profitable way independent of aid and subsidies

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Founder 2014
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Founders Katrin Puetz
Headquarters 56335 Neuhäusel, Germany
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(B)energy creates entrepreneurs who turn cow dung and organic waste into cooking gas. The company provides mobile biogas technology worldwide, especially in countries where firewood and charcoal are used as cooking fuel.

A simple and mobile biogas technology combined with a business model for local partners makes biogas as clean cooking fuel affordable in an independent entrepreneurial way. (B)energy provide know-how, technical components and smart service tools to support their business partners in starting and running their own biogas business locally.

The key technology is the (B)pack, the patented biogas backpack, which allows to transport and sell excess biogas form a biogas system to neighbouring households. It can be filled with biogas from any biogas system, but as part of the (B)energy system it is connected to the (B)plant, a robust and easy to install household biogas system, that can produce up to 3 cubic meters of biogas per day.

For usage, the biogas backpack is simply connected to the (B)flame, a unique and patented biogas burner, so that the gas can be used for cooking in a very flexible way - inside and outside. Most important is the provision of adequate and reliable customer service. Here, (B)energy equips its partners with a digital tool, that allows them to deliver maximum service quality.

The founder Katrin Puetz, German agricultural engineer, has the aim to make biogas a profitabel business for local partners and thus independent of development aid money. With an affordable and proven technology she offers a number of business opportunities for small and larger scale entrepreneurs. Importers bring the technology to the country, independent installers market, sell and install biogas systems and farmers become biogas producers who produce the clean cooking gas from cow dung and organic waste for personal use and sale. This is the (B)energy way of shared responsibility for 2 major global problems: poverty and climate change!
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Headquarters 56335 Neuhäusel, Germany

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