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Nezahualcoyotl, 56234 Texcoco de Mora, Méx., Mexico

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Moises Venegas Samperio



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities

  • Responsible consumption and production



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ASELUS develops sustainable solutions for the reduction of energy poverty in homes with technology that uses renewable energy, we offer innovative products and services such as the installation of photovoltaic systems interconnected to the grid, isolated systems, solar pumping.

Our country has territorial wealth and privileged conditions for development; However, historical, political and economic situations have generated differentiations in the population that have limited development and distributive justice for the majority of our population. In Mexico, more than ten million people are present in settlements far from services and in conditions of economic poverty and / or basic services, be it health, education, housing; situation that limits the promotion of quality of life and even modification of economic possibilities or structural improvement. we generate innovative solutions such as solar ALL-IN-ONE luminaires with double application for interiors and exteriors, power bank to supply energy to households with possibility of internet connectivity, we also offer photovoltaic installations interconnected to the network for commerce, residence and industry, we also designed a sustainable backpack with advertising banners of political parties with solar panels




ASELUS develops sustainable solutions for the abatement of energy poverty

According to CEPAL In Mexico there are about 12.4 million homes in energy poverty 47% of the population is in rural areas, most of these families use conventional methods for lighting such as candles, kerosene and firewood; and 57% are located in urban areas, Mexico is also one of the largest consumers of bottled water, generating 800 thousand tons of PET per year and only 15% are recycled. Mexico during the political campaigns many parties invest in advertising canvases, when they end up generating tons of this material and the reuse of the canvas is null. conventional lighting methods are replaced with a sustainable solar luminaire that works for interior lighting that will have a hybrid lighting system will work as a skylight in the day to have natural lighting in the day, and keep a well-lit room users become productive the device has integrated solar panels and a battery pack to power an LED with switch this version has a USB port for charging cell phones, this design is flexible and can be used for outdoor luminaire will have an intelligent system ENERGY HARVESTING, what will make the most of the solar energy to store it in the batteries on cloudy and sunny days, it also protects and extends the life of the batteries, has automatic ignition and automatic regulation of the brightness of the LED to prolong the duration of the lighting. 100% MEXICAN HIGH QUALITY TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN MEXICO, we have also developed a power bank of greater capacity to supply energy to a home in isolated areas with the possibility of internet connection, to reuse the tarpaulins we designed a Sustainable Backpack made to hand with advertising banners of political parties includes a solar charger, Our goal that reaches children in the Sierra de Guerrero will have a solar charger with batteries and a portable lamp so they can study at night, it will also work for immigrants will have a first aid kit and a waterproof thermal blanket

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Affordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production

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Clean energy production, Energy distribution & management, Communities infrastructures, Circular economy of solid wastes