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38113 Veurey-Voroize, France

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Thomas VINARD, Sébastien BUR & Jérôme GIRARD





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Alpinov X

ALPINOV X, a french start-up, has developed a new process that can triple the energy performance of industrial cold production, which represents a market of $150 bn.

ALPINOV X offers a technological breakthrough that consists of eliminating the compressor through a patented "turbo-cryo-pump" process that comes from the aerospace industry, enhancing the differences in latent heat and saturation vapour pressure (date of patent submission 28/07/2017). It thus achieves a level of energy performance that is 3 times higher than conventional refrigeration equipment and can be applied to all industrial air-conditioning equipment. Furthermore, this process does not use refrigerant fluid (CFCs or HFCs), which simplifies its implementation, lengthens the time between maintenance cycles and reduces environmental hazards. ALPINOV X has planned to expand onto the world markets for industrial refrigeration in two steps: 1. Take the leading position on the market for snow-making equipment at ski resorts. For this purpose, it has a well-established network, a particularly advantageous boom period and an overwhelming competitive advantage in relation to the current leader, which leads it to anticipate a turnover of €36 million in 2022. 2. Starting in 2020, it will deploy its technology on the emerging markets of industrial air conditioning through licensing agreements with the sector's major players with a considerable stake.