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Provider of environment friendly cooling and ventilation systems with about 30,000 environment friendly installations around Europe, reducing the power consumption of for instance an air conditioner to twenty times less.

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Founder 2007
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Founders Tomas Nilsson & David Saraby
Headquarters 437 40 Lindome, Sweden
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Our main expertise includes HVAC and ventilation, where our guiding principle is quality and energy savings with four key portfolios: 1. DeltaMaster – Pressure Cooling for server rooms 2. GreenMaster – Air handling units 3. BoxMaster – Exhaust air systems 4. Air-Site Manager – Logging and monitoring system As a pioneer in Green Technology and by partnering with large companies such as TeliaSonera and Ericsson, we have developed the most efficient energy saving solutions on the market. Many of our ideas are now taken for granted by the telecom operators; such as our FreeCooling system, DeltaMaster, which uses nature's own forces (the heat dissipation principle) with the lowest power consumption in the market, or our filter solutions, which offer extremely low maintenance requirements. According to our customers, our air handling units – GreenMaster – is a market leader in terms of quality, environmental friendliness, energy performance and noise level, containing features as Modbus TCP with remote monitoring. Our aspirations for the forseeable future are to use additional direct control and monitoring to deliver surplus heat to surrounding property owners; harvesting the heat generated by the server rooms and using it e.g. to heat up water.
Headquarters 437 40 Lindome, Sweden

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
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The product is being used to lower power consumption of for example server rooms by up to half, eliminating the need for Air conditioners. Air conditioners are power hungry, noisy and high maintenance and have a relatively short life time. DeltaMaster can replace an air conditioner using very little power (20 times less), is much less noisy, is maintenance free and has a very long life time. Infrastructure operators such as fix net operators, mobile network providers,, ISPs and railroad operators are savings hundreds of millions of Pounds using our technology today. The product is used by NHS, Schools, Hotels and many medium to large size businesses.

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