Aguasmart : ecological drinking water unit for sea water, Brackish water and ground water. Operated by renewable energy

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Founded 2011
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Founders J-Ph Compain
Headquarters 33000 Bordeaux, France
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The Solution : AGUASMART We have developed (BPI "Innovation" label. U.N registration) an ecological system (with solar or wind panels) for drinking water, which treats ALL types of water: sea, brackish, surface (wells, drilling, river, etc...) and produces drinking water according to W.H.O's recommendations. ENERGIES Aguasmart use solar panels to produce the energy that will operate the water treatment, producing drinking water to WHO standards. This solar energy is: CLEAN, DAILY and.... FREE. In addition, solar panels now have a lifespan of more than 15/20 years. Carbon Pollution : Aguasmart = Zero Fossil fuels = tens of tons of Co2 / day.......... AGUASMART TECHNOLOGY Aguasmart only uses European components, and our units do not include sophisticated elements : only mechanicals, very few electronic modules, complicated to manage and repair. No chemicals in our systems. A product adapted to African, Asian, South American countries, etc... Training in 48/72 hours for the person in charge of managing our units. Known and proven water treatment methods : Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis. Able to treat any type of water: seawater, brackish water, drilling water, wells, rivers, etc... AGUASMART'S ECONOMIC INTEREST More than 6.5 billion people on Earth must drink at least 2/3 glasses of water per day. When we compare the charges between a drinking water system that uses either diesel or electricity (rare and expensive in most African, Asian countries, etc.); and a system that uses renewable energies, we quickly realize that the "energy" item is equal to Zero at Aguasmart. Compare this with several hundred or thousand €uros / day (depending on production / day) for systems using fossil fuels to operate! The inhabitants of these isolated areas have few financial resources to buy energy or water. We have also developed a " SOLAR FROZ-BOX ", a system of autonomous refrigerated container, which works with solar panels, allowing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk etc. to be stored in good conditions. Here again, demand, especially from African countries, or from non-Energy areas, is high. We are at your disposal to provide you with any documents about our "WATER" & "COLD" systems. Several projects are ready to start in different african countries Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Guinea, Cameroon, etc… ) , as in Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc…) in South America, and others remote areas. We also create direct and undirect jobs, and Aguasmart does the training of the employees of our plant. We have the networks of distribution, location for the drinking water unit, team, marketing, and all necessary informations and knowledge of the local market In each country we benefit of “the Code of Investments” which allows not to pay : custom rights, taxes on benefit, exemption of VAT, etc… INVESTMENT - Budget Each project needs an investment of 600K€ / 800K€, according country and kind of project With an estimated R.O.I : from 8% à 12% Net by year, according project. Financial informations upon request. We are looking for investors (1M€) to set-up and develop many projects (actually around 12 projects which are ready to start) in different countries of Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, Indonesia, etc….
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Headquarters 33000 Bordeaux, France

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