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A new generation of bio-mimetic rotors for wind turbines, water turbines and propellers


A revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine : CityWind

A new way to harness power from the wind, with high yield and no noise !

> A unique design < CityWind is a cycloidal turbine : a vertical axis, with its blades pitch-controlled during operation. Cycloidal devices already exist, but CityWind is unique. The motion of its blades resembles a natural, oscillating motion. It is based on a unique mechanical concept, and stands out from the other vertical axis. > Safe and user friendly operation < CityWind unique design means it will always operate at low speed. It just cannot go too fast. CityWind will operate approximately 5 times slower than a regular wind turbine. This means it will not overspeed. It will not start oscillating or vibrating. And it will not create any unpleasant aerodynamics noise. Regular wind turbine blades reach a speed of 350km/h. CityWind blades will never go beyond 70 km/h. > High and steady performance < The power created by CityWind rotor is as high as regular screw-like wind turbines. These horizontal axis wind turbine typically have an efficiency of 40%. We demonstrated an aerodynamic efficiency of more than 50%. In addition, the CityWind continues to produce even by turbulent winds. The performance of traditional wind turbines decreases rapidly when the wind is turbulent.

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Affordable and clean energy

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Clean energy production

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