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AquaOmnes, a breakthrough saline water treatment technology allowing selective salt extraction to catch the most value.

Adionics is a 7 year old company developing a saline water treatment breakthrough technology. It allows massive or selective salt extraction from brakish water or brine by the use of a water non miscible organic formulation having affinity for these salts at ambient temperature and loosing that affinity when contacted with hot water. The revolution comes from the discovery of "How hydrophilic anions can follow cations in a water non miscible organic phase". Developped at first for low energy sea water thermal desalination, its first industrial implementation Will be on the selective extraction of Lithium chlorose from natural brines, to supply the very quick growing demand for Li-ion batteries due to the development of e-mobility (need of 50 kg Lithium for each electric car). This Lock and Key technology approach, first tested in Abu Dhabi, is now being implemented as a 50-100 m3/day pre-industrial prototype in Martigues, France. Lithium mining projets in the Lithium triangle of South America are being developped today. Environnemental gains are relative to water consumption divided by more than 1000, generation of waste devided by 500, lithium extraction recovery more than doubled and time to market dropped from one to two years to less than 8 hours. All this with very nice and profitable economics.

Company Adionics

Selective Lithium chlorite extraction from highly saline water.

Offer Selective Lithium chlorite extraction from highly saline water.

Direct extraction of LiCl from brine with only 1/1000 change in its composition is the future of 70% of lithium mining.

70% of World ressources of Lithium is in underground highly saline aquifers whether in subsurface as in South American or Chinese salars or in deep reservoirs, source of oil, gaz or geothermal energy. Being able to pump these brines to the surface, extract selectively its valuable minerals such as Lithium (but it could be also iodide, zinc, rubidium, manganese, strontium...) and potentially its geothermal Energy before being reinjected underground allows green mining of some of the minerals necessary for the energy transition. Adionics is today commercializing a technology solution to reach this goal in a sustainable and economical Way. A secondary benefit of this approach is that on geothermal energy sites having more than 100 ppm Lithium, its extraction can more than double the site’s revenue and make geothermal energy projects profitable with no subsides.

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Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and production

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Water treatment, Water distribution and use, Clean energy production, Energy storage, Industrial processes, Materials and chemistry, Primary resources management

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