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Abangah Social & Engineering Group which has begun its professional activity since 2008, believes that by awareness raising, promoting participatory management and developing technologies and systems could make a better world and recues the earth, as the only home we have for living

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2007
Company Size 10
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Founders Mohammad Behnam Rassouli, Mohammadjavad Samiee, Mahdi Zeinali
Headquarters Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, شاهد18، Iran
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Headquarters Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, شاهد18، Iran

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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Affordable and
Clean Energy
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Industry, Innovation
and Infrastructure
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SDG 11
Sustainable Cities
and Communities
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SDG 12
Responsible Consumption
and production
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Today’s world water challenges and its upcoming trends shows that the current solutions for supplying new resources of water are almost inefficient, expensive and unsustainable so there is a big gap between the problem and the solutions, by considering this issue as a matter of fact, necessity of new innovative solution is obvious. The innovative solution for water scarcity must have enough scientific backgrounds and be supported by acceptable economic vision, so for overcoming the global water crisis there is need to think globally in compatible dimensions with pains and needs. The solutions may apply locally but should have the extension capacity to cover the water problem in different locations. Supplying more access to fresh water as a basic strategy for water resource management is always considered but faced serious limitation, water is not and should not be too expensive (like as oil) to be transferred by ship, could not be chemically produced and etc while is an irreplaceable element for life! As an Moonshot idea, we are focusing on virtual model of hydrologic cycle means inspiring the natural process when vapor form the oceans and seas comes up to the atmosphere and create clouds, flows by wind thousands miles lightly and come down in drops as a rain on the land, It is really exciting ! By now, we gathered the concepts, frames and technical aspects but there is longs ways to go.

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