Member - NES+ (Norwegian Eco Solutions Plus)

Develop a zero-waste/GHG emissions, Plus Energy Building System: construction, implementation,operation and integration.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2018
Company Size 3
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Founders Diego Botero-Cabal
Headquarters 1357 Bekkestua, Norway
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NES+ (Norwegian Eco Solutions Plus)


Global climate change threatens the planet with an environmental crisis of unprecedented dimensions, with deep social effects. 33% of the world's waste and greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the building industry and housing; 40% of the world's urban expansion takes place in the slums; 40% of the world's population lives in informal settlements without basic infrastructure; rural areas cannot be developed because of the cost of connecting local infrastructure to existing service networks. Climate change crisis plus the need to develop sustainable new residential areas in peripheral areas without infrastructure is the biggest global challenge in the next 50 years. Our mission is to make it simple for people to choose an Eco-friendly lifestyle. Our role is to prevent the damage that the construction industry produces to the planet. We propose to implement new building strategies with clean production; No-waste technology; Best available technology (BAT) and Best environmental practice (BEP). We aim to reduce to Zero GHGs emissions and waste; and to produce own energy during the operation of the building. The pilot project we are working on is a 100 m2 prototype on an area without infrastructure. We focus on the building process and technology, as well as the operation and management of the finished product. In all phases, we have a holistic approach based on sustainable development and zero emission principles, and will solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and energy supplies by a self-sufficient building, to grow organically and scalable to larger solutions. The construction solution is based on flat-packed and ready-to-install systems, an Ikea house version; and on scalable modular systems, a Lego house version; everything is transported in a container on the construction site ready to be mounted. The construction systems use preferably prefabricated elements manufactured with renewable energy designed to limit waste and to facilitate industrial production, making the construction process more environmentally friendly, faster, affordable and economically sustainable. To achieve this goal, we use existing advanced Nordic technologies in a unique and integrated way for a clean and fast installation on site. This limits the environmental impact of the construction phase and makes it easy to dismantle and reuse at the end of the building's life cycle. We have put together a team of manufacturers with different technologies, wood fibre insulation, solid wood floors and ceilings, facade panels and prefabricated modular baths / kitchens, which participate in the development of new solutions for the prototype. On the other hand, our approach to energy production goes in two directions: a proactive, based on minimizing heat loss and streamlining energy use; and the other active, focused on the use of a combination of renewable and clean energy sources such as solar heat, bioenergy, solar energy, wind power and natural ventilation. The materialization of these processes is done through the use of existing technologies in a self-sufficient, independent system. These technologies are available in the market as isolated and independent products; our solution puts all these together to create a synergic system. The idea is to have rainwater, wind power and solar energy as sources for the operation of the building, and have biogas, fertilizer, hot air and clean water as the end product. Our solution is in the new environmental technology category, and the step from technology development to market introduction is critical to us. We are in the process of testing the full-scale technology, which will allow us to try out and showcase our solution, and to ensure that the products are most adapted the international markets in which we are competing.
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Headquarters 1357 Bekkestua, Norway

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
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