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ORMIGE co. team endeavours to follow Nature bio--engineering laws in the synthesis of energy-rich compounds and media with the aid of oriented radiant energy. The fundamental asset of any equilibrated photo-induction (EMPI process) consists in rising up the energy level of any medium (solid, liquid, solution or suspension) by slowly incorporating polychromatic light within its structure. Up to now, the activities of Ormige co. consisted of the realisation of laboratory prototypes of photo-induced cosmetic creams, nutraceuticals, micro-elements of well-being, energizing drinks, with new physico-chemical properties. Another promising field is the waste water treatment with specific colored light-beams (sewage treatment, re-hardening of reverse-osmosis purified waters, waste water swift hot filtration, conversion rate of waste waters into agricultural soils fertiliser).

ORMIGE co. core activities are the applied research of energy micro-storage, in particular thanks to the EMPI photomechanical process, or equilibrated magneto photoinduction. Dr Doyen turns the spotlight on the puzzling question: “how updating in liquid or gazeous media, by simple elastic movements, the cheap mutation from light energy into photo-electronic energy?” This could be the main strategic policy of future sustainable energy development: any electrolytic solution is an electrical conductor: simply place it on your laboratory bench, give it a circular movement in front of an oriented light source, you’ll generate a virtual coupling coil, understand a virtual electrical motor. Indeed, when you are diligent, you discover the “coupling time-codes” or a succession of precise circular speeds of the photo-induced receptors. The plain light microscopic examination unlocks luminescent stationary electronic micro-turbines; in fact, you have paved the way of photoelectronic connection without the aid of any metallic infrastructure.”