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INITHERM HVAC Energy savings solutions, high quality of the ambient air and environmental comfort

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HIGH INDUCTION AIR TREATMENT INITHERM high induction generating air systems present substantial benefits for the heating, the ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) requirements of high ceiling premises (above 2.80 meters or 9.18 feet). What does High Induction blown air offer? - Heating and air conditioning energy savings ranging from 20% to 40%. - The provision of optimal ambient hygiene. - The Guarantee of a homogeneous temperature and optimized comfort in the occupied zone. - The reduction of the requirements for heating and cooling. - The end of heat or cold productions in mid-season. - Bringing down the electric power supplying subscription. - A boosted sales turnover (for the high market retailing). The admixture generated by the High Induction blowing system allows the recycling of the thermal energy released by the lights and bodies as well as the limitation of gas and ambient air thermal stratifications. The rate of ambient air recirculated is at minimum in accordance with the standard technics applied in operating blocks. Thanks to the homogenization achieved, the fresh air is evenly spread and the polluting gases are diluted thereby improving the ambient air - reduction of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or other types of gas - while diminishing the needs for outside air. Mist diffuser products can be used as additives and fed into the system for deodorization or disinfection purposes of supply ducts and the ambient air. ENERGY SAVINGS realized by the system lead to a FAST INVESTMENT PAY OFF (usually from 2 to 7 years depending of the installations and the local energy rates). INITHEM conceives manufactures and sets up its installations of high induction air diffusion in NEW PREMISES or in BUILDINGS IN RENOVATION but can also COMPLEMENT EXISTING INSTALLATIONS for THE IMPROVEMENT OF ENERGETIC AND HYGIENIC PERFORMANCES. The RETROFIT OF THE AIR DIFFUSION through existing supply ducts, air diffusers or grilles, can be carried out. HVAC PRODUCTS - Custom-made air distribution engineering surveys with estimated pay off return. - High Induction galvanized steel supply ducts (optional stainless steel or paint finish). - High induction ejector nozzles. - High induction ceiling diffusers. - High induction wall grilles. - High efficiency air handling units (optional industrial filtration for cleanup purposes). - 100% organic liquids composed with essential oils base for deodorization, organic disinfections, and antiviral and fungicide applications. - Ultra sound mist diffuser.
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Headquarters 13400 Aubagne, France

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