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An innovatrice way to produce straw insulation for buildings. Let’s change of scale, let’s store carbon!

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2020
Company Size 1
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Founders Nicolaas OUDHOF
Headquarters 49310 Saint-Paul-du-Bois, France
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ISOL’en Paille


Is it easy to find straw ? Yes. Is it easy to find straw bales used for insulation ? Less. Is it easy to find straw blocks ready to insulate with, adapted to building codes? No ! Why Straw ? On a big scale, It’s the best passive & positif carbon footprint material you can find to insulate with. Why starting a dedicated business ? Because if we want people to change their way of building, you must change as less as possible their building habits. But straw does exist already for years ! Right! We celebrate this year the 100th year of the first house builded with straw. And, if we want to sell it as a mass market product, we must get as close as possible to the formats already used on building sites. ISOL’en paille has already invested in a production site, that permit to get read of all the disadventages of harvesting on the field, and solves the supply problem once and for all. In France, straw is a « open-source » material you can use & product anywhere you want. With a few low-tech solutions, building with straw becomes a piece of cake ! Insulating our buildings is one the biggest work that needs to be planned for the next decades. Wouldn’t it be nice if at the same time you store carbon and you prevent future carbon emissions ?
Headquarters 49310 Saint-Paul-du-Bois, France

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