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Clean Air Enterprise Ltd. is the leading company for improving the air condition in energy dense buildings.We offer room comfort, environmental quality...

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2016
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Founders Adrian H. Peterhans, Patrick Pahl, Christoph Vonplon
Headquarters 6343 Buonas, Switzerland
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Clean Air Enterprise AG


Management Summery: With the Smart E-Filter technology from Clean Air Enterprise AG, existing ventilation systems can generate practically particulate-free and ozone-free indoor air. Bacteria and fours are rendered harmless in the 8,000 volt zone and the fungal spores and yeast are filtered according to their degree of separation. An existing ventilation system can be converted in about 2.5 hours. The investment has an ROI of four to eight years. A few points on sustainability: No annual burning of plastic, glass fibers and wood, 80% energy saving with the fan compared to conventional two-stage bag filter combinations. The builder receives, in the function of energy saving, funding through the ProELA2 program from Pro Kilowatt. The room users experience an increase in performance and a reduction in sick days. The Smart E filter technology is already protected by the European patent (patent no. 355712). Motivation: Reduction of health costs, increased performance, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of resource consumption and compliance with the guidelines.
Headquarters 6343 Buonas, Switzerland

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