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The Zerho Waterless Dehydrating Toilet safely contains solid human waste until dry and pathogen-free.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2003
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Founders CL Harris
Headquarters Centurion, 0061, Afrique du Sud
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Zerho Waste Management (Pty) Ltd


The Zerho Waterless Toilet is a once-off, cost-effective, robust, eco-sanitary product that would serve to replace the Rudimentary Sanitation (traditional pits, VIP- and chemical bucket latrines) used throughout South Africa. It is designed for a family of less than ten users per day. The Zerho is fit-for-purpose in Rural, Peri-Urban, Construction and Emergency applications. The Zerho Toilet has several elements that sets it aside from other products on the market. These include: • The Zerho waterless toilet is a small-dimension (160cm diameter x 90cm), off-grid toilet system which enables fast installation and relocation when necessary – saving on time, infrastructure and labour costs. • The Zerho waterless toilet system uses no water, additives or chemicals. With a Urine Diversion toilet pan, there is no faecal sludge. • The Zerho waterless toilet system is robust and user-friendly and has a potential lifespan of more than 20 years. • Very little maintenance on the unit itself is needed due to the robust design. • Odours and moisture are disposed of by effective air circulation through the unit. Hot air from the ambient temperature in the outside portion of the unit rises up the vent pipe, drawing fresh air from the indoor toilet seat section and effectively disposing of odours. The Zerho Implementation Plan incorporates the support of the following Sustainable Development Goals in project communities: SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation - Mitigating further contamination of underground water sources by traditional pit latrines and open defecation. The Zerho Toilet offers heightened personal hygiene in a home. SDG 9 - Industry - Local assembly of the Zerho in the project community; and development of related business activities. SDG 11 - Sustainability in the Community - Using the Cooperative Principles for development, governance and long-term planning. SDG 12 - Production & Consumption - Food Security; Agriculture using humanure in soil regeneration.
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Headquarters Centurion, 0061, Afrique du Sud

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