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Manufacturing and distribution of the BIOSYS interlocking and MULTICHANVRE hempblocks.

Tipo Company
Fondato 1963
Dimensioni dell'azienda 50
Tipo membro
Fondatori Sebastien Vieille
Sede operativa 25580 Durnes, France
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vieille materiaux

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A family business established since 1963 in Etalans, VIEILLE Matériaux has always wanted to build the future by supporting its customers. From its initial need for sand, coal and cement, VIEILLE Matériaux then supplied its customers' sites with materials. Very quickly, the decision was taken to manufacture some of these materials. This is how the company became a manufacturer of concrete blocks. The "agglo" is the starting point of the company's industrial saga. Other products were added later: hourdis, kerbs, gutters, etc. The company's factory now produces around 90,000 tonnes of concrete blocks, kerbs, gutters and hourdis per year, which makes Vieille Matériaux one of the leaders in the region. Vieille Matériaux also offers a delivery service for materials directly to the building site, in order to meet the needs of professionals and private individuals. It is the quality of its services and products that has enabled the company to become and remain a key player in the construction industry, which it intends to remain by continuing to offer solutions that are in line with the challenges of tomorrow. Indeed, faced with climate change, issues such as ecology, energy efficiency and comfort in buildings are now major concerns for the French. Well aware of these new challenges, the family business has decided to offer innovative construction solutions that are more environmentally friendly. To this end, in 2016 it acquired a new production line at its Mérey-sous-Montrond industrial site. This line is dedicated to the manufacture of hemp concrete blocks. Thus, at the beginning of 2017, the BIOSYS hemp concrete block appeared on the market. This revolutionary block brings unparalleled comfort to new construction for both building companies and residents. The BIOSYS block is part of a new construction process (patented and benefiting from a Technical Notice issued by the CSTB) whose implementation is simplified thanks to its assembly by interlocking (without glue or mortar). This block is mainly intended for the construction of new buildings, such as individual or grouped houses, small collective buildings, or even collective facilities such as schools, town halls, nurseries, libraries, etc. The renovation of existing buildings is also concerned by these issues. This is why VIEILLE Matériaux has decided to go even further by presenting the MULTICHANVRE hemp concrete block in early 2019. This new block finds its place naturally in renovation. The different thicknesses (10, 15, 20 and 30 cm) proposed will make it possible to carry out additional insulation work simply and effectively from the inside or outside, in the sub-slab or between the half-timberings, partitioning, etc. The exceptional moisture-regulating properties of hemp concrete make it particularly interesting when renovating old damp buildings with stone walls to be insulated. The natural properties of hemp concrete will help to optimise the feeling of well-being in everyday spaces, creating a real living experience and optimal comfort in both summer and winter.
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Sede operativa 25580 Durnes, France

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