Sustainable Grain Supply Chain

Gallery Sustainable Grain Supply Chain 1
Gallery Sustainable Grain Supply Chain 1
January 2021
By Centaur
Headquarters Ventura, CA 93003, USA

Sustainable Grain Supply Chain - Digital supply chain monitoring and elimination of chronic waste problems

Centaur builds a software and sensor-based platform to transform today's grain & cereal bulk supply chain into a trusted, end-to-end, post-harvest quality chain. With its monitoring solution, Centaur offers visibility, quality control, traceability and sustainability along all stages of the supply chain. This is achieved by automatically creating a digital simulation (a "digital twin") of the conditions both inside and outside the grain storage. To achieve this, the Internet-of-Crops platform pulls in all available digital information such as weather and climate data on outside conditions, plus internal conditions identified by sensors (e.g. gas profiles, temperature, moisture levels) and inputs all of this into a state-of-the-art digital model of how grain performs when subject to any and all of these conditions. The result is a state of the art prediction tool of likely problems, allowing remedial action in advance.

Key features

  • 75 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions could be saved each year, by preventing waste in the supply chain of rice alone
  • 83% reduction of emissions related to the supply chain of rice
  • 4.25% reduction in phosphorous use and depletion


  • 3x to 4x return on investment for grain and rice growers
  • 50% cheaper than the mainstream alternative (grain cables) which don't solve waste and spoilage problems
  • Up to 1 trillion USD prevention of losses due to crop value spoilage and improper storage methods

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