Sunlight Pump

Gallery Sunlight Pump 1
Gallery Sunlight Pump 1
January 2021
By ennos
Headquarters 2560 Nidau, Switzerland

Sunlight Pump - Solar-powered water pump for smallholder farmers and communities

The sunlight pump is a small-scale, solar-powered water pump. Being a modular and versatile system, it can be used for a wide range of applications: productive use (e.g. irrigation, livestock, fish farming), drinking water supply and hygiene. It is an affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable technology that brings water to where it is needed and contributes to the economic well-being and health of farmers and communities. The sunlight pump is a highly efficient water-lifting technology that does not require electricity or diesel to function. There are no operation costs, meaning that there is a higher return on investment over the lifespan of the sunlight pump. It is the right choice for anyone who wants to turn a free source of energy into time and money savings. The sunlight pump turns sunrays into savings.

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Key features

  • Delivers up to 22'000 liters/day
  • Vertical lift of up to 40 meters
  • Horizontal lift of up to 2 kilometers
  • Zero CO2 emissions. For example: 400 Watt installed PV capacity, 30 meters total dynamic head, 14’500 liters/day delivery, 300 days per year utilization will result in 978 kg CO2/year saved compared to a diesel pump delivering the same amount of water.
  • Right sized to deliver farmers water needs


  • No running costs and very low maintenance costs with longer lifetime
  • Compared to a diesel pump, the sunlight pump reaches break-even within 1-2 years with a lifespan of 10 years.
  • The sunlight pump distributors offer financing options to the end users to allow them to overcome the barrier of the upfron investment and to pay off the system over 24-36 months.

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