Studer Energy Access Systems

Gallery Studer Energy Access Systems 1
Gallery Studer Energy Access Systems 1
July 2020
Headquarters 1950 Sion, Suisse

Studer Energy Access Systems - A solution for the electrification of remote areas with sustainable energy.

Thriving to deploy reliable and customisable standalone off-grid energy systems, Studer Innotec' solution integrates solar energy production and management systems in conventional diesel generators.

Studer-Innotec provides solutions for the electrification of off-grid remote areas. In these areas, the traditional approach to produce electricity for everyday tasks is to use diesel generators. Diesel generators are loud, polluting, and expensive to run for the local communities. Studer-Innotec developed a solution to retrofit existing systems with solar energy or replace it entirely with a system relying solely on solar energy with a dedicated battery system. Bringing clean energy to off-grid communities, Studer-Innotec offers a solution to reduce diesel consumption and expenses, while providing energy at a lower cost considering the levelized energy cost (LCOE) over the system's lifetime. In addition to the cost advantages, this solution allows a significant reduction in CO2, as well as an improvement in living conditions thanks to a reduction in noise and pollution levels.

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Key features

  • Reduction of CO2: 50% to 100% depending on the quantity of PV solar added
  • Reduction of energy used: 10% to 50% with hybridisation and an energy management system
  • Improvement in living conditions thanks to a reduction in noise and pollution levels.


  • Payback time of 6 to 8 years

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